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The proper dust collection system can be beneficial in many different ways.  It can reduce cost levels in areas such as maintenance, heating, air conditioning and fire prevention.  Although these financial savings are impressive, the most important reduction is in the level of cancer causing inhalants. 


Numerous medical studies have deemed wood dust a major respiratory hazard.  Aside from the ever-looming possibility of lung cancer, many woodworkers are haunted by the nagging side effects of continuous coughing, sneezing, throat phlegm, asthma and eye irritation.  Woodworkers everywhere are familiar with the dangers but consider the problem unavoidable.  


Sufficient dust collection systems will not cure this problem.  However, they may be able to help reduce it.  Maintaining the desired level of CFM and continuously cleaning the filter bags are just two small steps toward controlling this problem.


A cleaner, more efficient dust collection system will keep costs low and employee moral high.  These two intangibles are essential to profitability. 


Dust Technology, Inc. has built a reputation for manufacturing innovative equipment designed to provide years of reliable service.  We hope you find this website useful and when the need arises we look forward to being at your service.  


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